Prof. Dr. Birgit Strodel


What we do

In the Strodel group we work on the development of biomolecular simulation methods and their application to various problems from the fields of biophysics and biochemistry. In particular, we focus on the following topics: protein aggregation in Alzheimer’s disease, protein-lipid interactions, protein-protein docking, computational enzyme design, and the calculation of experimental observables from biomolecular simulations. For more information, visit our Research website.

Amyloid aggregation causing diseases like Alzheimer
Strodel Group of 2023


Who we are

The Strodel group is an international team based in the Forschungszentrum Jülich and in the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf.


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Master thesis project: Synthesis of therapeutic knottins!

We are looking for an eager Master Student to write their Master Thesis in our group. Please follow the link for more information or contact us if you are interested.

New Publication!

Check out our recent review ‘A brief history of amyloid aggregation simulations’ published in WIREs Computational Molecular Science!